Zen Study Group

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May  — led by Jisho Sara Siebert and Vicki Joren Goldsmith  White Fragility, a book by Robin DiAngelo, deals with the defensive responses — anger, fear, guilt, etc. — of white people in racially-charged situations.  The book helps us explore compassionate ways to examine racist behavior, language, and feelings.  Daishin McCabe and Sara Seibert used the book in February to teach an online class, and they will be co-teaching this discussion with me.  In a way, the divisiveness in our nation can be seen as the 400-year racist underbelly of our culture. Having honest conversations about race can be a brave step toward changing our society and relieving the suffering of sentient beings.

May13 – White Fragility Book Discussion – First session handout & reading excerpts. Also read Chapter 4 for the first May Study group if you have gotten the book.
May 20 – Chapter 6
May 27 –Chapter 9

June — led by Tina Yudo Thornberry — Dogen’s Raihai-Tokuzui
In June, the Zen Study Group will read and discuss Dogen’s fascicle, Raihai-Tokuzui (Prostrating to the Marrow of Attainment).  In this essay, Dogen takes a very strong stand against the idea, commonly held by many Buddhists, that women are lesser spiritual beings than men.  As we study this fascicle, we will place it within the larger historical and cultural context of Dogen’s time.  

A translation of the Shobogenzo by Nishijima and Cross can be accessed at: https://www.thezensite.com/ZenTeachings/Dogen_Teachings/Shobogenzo_1_NC.pdf.  Raihai-Tokuzui is Chapter 8, found on page 89.