Zen Study Group

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July Discussion, led by Curt Gendo Thornberry:

For the July Zen Study Group, we will read from The Light That Shines Through Infinity, Zen and the Energy of Life by Dainin Katagiri. Over the course of the month we will work our way through Katagiri’s most recent book which is based on a series of his talks about “cosmic energy as it relates to all aspects of Zen practice.” He describes the universe as alive with energy that creates and sustains our lives. According to Katagiri, spiritual practice is about aligning ourselves with this ever-present life force and relating to the world “compassionately and wholeheartedly.” We will read from a number of chapters each week during our time with this book.

July 8:
Chapter 4 – Light of the Self
Chapter 5 – Everyone Has a Light
July 15:
Chapter 8 – The Spiritual Mirror
Chapter 11 – The Human Mind
July 22:
Chapter 15 – Directing your Boat
July 29:
Chapter 16 – Where Do You Come From?
Chapter 17 – Where Are You Heading?

August Discussion, led by Christopher Genyu Spinler:

Birds, Boats, Firewood, and Fish: Manifest Absolute Reality in Dogen Zenji’s Genjokoan

As a verb, the word “manifest” means to display a characteristic; as an adjective, “manifest” means clear or obvious to one’s senses or comprehension. In Genjokoan, often considered the heart of Dogen Zenji’s Shobogenzo (Treasury of the True Dharma Eye), we are challenged to set aside our habitual patterns of thought and become open to encountering our everyday lives as the manifestation of absolute reality and to see the manifest absolute reality of all things.  In this discussion group, we will engage in a “mind and body” study of Genjokoan: while seeking a conceptual understanding of the written words of Genjokoan, our aim will also be towards the actualization of this understanding in our day-to-day lives.